Articles by Author: David McLeod

Wandering Aimfully (Jan 12, 2021)

When wandering through life, there is no need to be aimless! Try wandering aimfully instead for a journey that is both relaxing and inspiring.

A Risk-Free Life (Jan 4, 2021)

Risk avoidance can lead us to be stuck in our comfort zone. When we understand that choice always brings risk, we can welcome it as a part of life.

Grateful to the Core (Dec 8, 2020)

Gratitude is something that we can tap into anytime we want to. “Grateful to the Core” means appreciating something about everything!

A Source of Inspiration (Dec 6, 2020)

We all find inspiration in other people who step into the fullness of who they really are. But real inspiration can be found right here…inside.

Cultivating a Life of Flow (Nov 10, 2020)

Being in flow allows you to be fully present to whatever is going on in your life, without letting external events distract you from your purpose.

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