Elder Wisdom

Collaborative Book Project

The Vision

Imagine yourself sitting by a tribal fire, speaking as the designated elder to the young members of your community and sharing your adventures, your wins, your losses, and what you learned from the experiences. Imagine the youngsters eagerly listening to your amazing tales and taking the wisdom back into their own lives.

This is the kind of project that we will build together—a powerful and inspiring collaborative book that contains the accumulated wisdom of 25 elder sages!

The Book Project

Elder Wisdom: Healing Lessons and Gifts for the Next Generations

Tentative Publication Date: October 15, 2024

My mission is to assemble a magnificent team of 25 courageous and wise elders, each of whom will contribute a chapter to the book.

Your mission—should you decide to accept it—is to be a key member of the team, and to bring your own amazing style of wisdom to the project in the form of a complete chapter.

The Benefits

As a co-author in this project, you will receive many benefits, both tangible and intangible. Here are just a few that you will want to take advantage of:

  • You will be part of a growing community of like-minded writers, all sharing a common goal to illuminate the world.
  • You will be bringing gifts of inestimable value to young people who crave to hear what you have to say.
  • You will have the opportunity to purchase copies of the finished book at a deep discount, and sell them at full price at your events and appearances.
  • You will have many opportunities to develop collaborative relationships with other healers, professionals, coaches, and leadership experts.

The Invitation

As an author with five book collaborations under my belt—all of which achieved Best Seller status—I can tell you with near certainty that you will not be disappointed with your experience… no matter how it turns out! In fact, I daresay you’ll find that what you receive from this experience far exceeds what you put into it. Not only that, but your chapter will be out there for people to read long after the project ends. In other words, you’ll be making an impact on people’s lives well into the future! How’s that for a legacy?

Do You Resonate?

My hope is that you’ll listen to your heart and find out if this project is calling to you. If you’ve watched my video and read this far, then you’re probably well on your way to joining the team. If that is true, then I encourage you to fill out the form below. I will set up a private chat with you so that you can learn more about the project!

Elder Wisdom Survey
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