Men, Listen Up!

Having trouble finding other men that speak your language?

Haven’t developed a male relationship outside of work for years?

Don’t have someone to confide in or share your issues with?

Is Your Life Perfect?

Then come share how you’re doing it, and teach others who are looking for answers.

Is Your Life A “Steaming Pile”?

Maybe you are in crisis. Maybe you’re resorting to alcohol, drugs or other crutches to numb out. Maybe you are looking for answers in all the wrong places, If any of these sound like you, then come join us to get support and to share, connect, understand and grow.

Going Through Life “Balls Out”? Want To?

Soul of Man is a powerful group of men who support each other to MAN UP! Find your purpose and start living it with passion. Connect with other men who will joyfully support you in holding yourself accountable to your own purpose in life. Create and nurture friendships that will fill your heart with masculine love like you’ve never experienced before.


David McLeod and Scott Holmes are inviting heart-centered men to connect on a weekly basis to talk, to listen, to share, and to show up in their authentic selves. This group provides the safe space to enjoy friendship, support, connection, and direction—provided you are committed to your own growth.

We believe it’s time for men to stop shrinking into the background. We are Unapologetically Masculine in our approach. Join us and learn through

  • the four archetypal pillars;
  • the four base emotions;
  • the key skills of life mastery;
  • indispensable tools you can incorporate into your daily routine.

Transform your thinking, change your understanding and step forward on your journey to reconnect to your true self.

Private and secure virtual meetings held

Thursday evenings, 8PM to 10PM Eastern Time,

beginning January 18, 2024.

$20 USD per week, with long term discounts available.

Yes! I Want to Unleash my SOUL!

I want to join a powerful circle of Men who are committed to knowing and aligning with their Spiritual Purpose for Being, and living Balls Out!

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