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First, the Bad News…

Everywhere I go, I run into people who tell me that their lives are nothing like the dreams they had when they were kids. I mean, how many of us start out dreaming of being a fireman or a ballerina or a rock’n’roll musician or any of a myriad of other things? Almost all of us, right?! Something about those dreams really touched our hearts, and gave us great joy. And yet, how many of us end up fulfilling those dreams? Sad to say, not many. If those dreams weren’t actually crushed within us by the programming and conditioning of our life situation, then we likely learned to shut them down on our own because we came to believe they were “stupid” or “unrealistic”.

As a result, I think it’s fair to say that most of us end up living lives that really don’t satisfy us very much—if at all. We start out going to middle and high school, and then before we’re old enough to have a real clue about the kind of life we want to have, we’re forced to choose some kind of job description that we have to commit to for the next 30 or 40 years (which of course is more than a lifetime to a teenager)! And then of course, we have to go to college or university in order to get the education we need in order to be qualified for that job. If that is not enough, right around the time we graduate, we find a new pressure being put upon us: it’s time to find a life-mate so that we can start creating a family. And this, of course, means finding a house in a decent community with good schools for our soon-to-be-born kids. So, here we are, not even 30 years old, and we have debt up to our eyeballs, and no clear understanding of how we got here. We begin to feel unhappy, resentful or angry because what we REALLY wanted deep down in our hearts was totally ignored—if indeed it was ever even discussed! But hey, it’s all right, isn’t it? Because after all, we have a good job, a good salary, a good house, all kinds of cool things in our house and our backyard, wonderful kids, a couple of dogs and a cat…it’s the American Dream, right? So we put on a smile, tell all our friends and family that life is grand, that we are doing great, that things couldn’t be better—all the while wishing that everything was different. In fact, for many of us, this so-called American Dream comes to feel a lot more like a nightmare.

Now, I realize that this is not the case for everyone. There are indeed people who have followed this kind of path and who truly are very happy and fulfilled. But the fact that you are here reading this material suggests that you are not one of those people. I’m guessing that you are not particularly thrilled with your life right now. You’re sick and tired of the “rat race”, the “treadmill”, the “hamster wheel”, the endless demands on your time and your resources, the lack of appreciation for who you are and what you bring into the world. You want to be seen and experienced for who you REALLY are, not for the caricature that the rest of the world has created out of you! Right?

Now, the Good News…

Well, guess what, my friend? Today is a new day. In fact, for you, today might just be “The Day Everything Changes”!

You came to this page for a reason. Perhaps the calling inside your heart has been growing stronger recently, maybe even reaching the point where you can’t ignore it anymore. Perhaps you’ve found yourself with an “unscratchable itch” that—no matter how much you try to fight it or ignore it—is moving you inexorably closer to the conditions, circumstances, events and people who can help you find the life you’ve been dreaming about for so long. Somehow, the yearning you’ve been experiencing has led you here, so that you might start taking steps to transform your life into

A True Work of Art!

Let that sink in for a moment: “Could my life really be a ‘work of art’?”

Well, my friend, in a word, YES!! Your life can be truly amazing—if you want it to be. All it takes is:

  • mastery of a few key skills;
  • unwavering certainty about who you really are;
  • awareness and understanding of your sacred purpose for being;
  • willingness to show up authentically and live your life without compromise or apology!

Easy-peasy! Nothing to it!

Oops…Not so Fast!

Yes, it’s true that “Life Mastery” is pretty simple. But, alas, it’s not necessarily easy—especially if you have some hard-baked beliefs or inner story-loops getting in your way.

It turns out that the biggest blocks to your happiness and success are the ones that manifest between your ears! If you have the right mind-set, you can deal with almost anything that life puts in front of you. But when you are plagued by doubts and questions and limiting beliefs, then the obstacles that show up can seem insurmountable—and that’s when life starts looking like that “rat race” or “treadmill” that I was talking about before.

Well, guess what? EVERYONE has disempowering thoughts and self-doubts! There isn’t a person on the planet that doesn’t at one time or another have thoughts like these:

  • I’ll never have the life I’ve dreamed of.
  • There’s never enough time for me.
  • Why can’t I ever get my way?
  • I’m not [ smart | old/young | healthy | rich | fill in the blank ] enough.
  • It’s too hard! I’ll never get this!
  • Where on earth is this wonderful and amazing life that was promised to me?
  • Why does this keep happening to me?

Yep, questions and thoughts and doubts like these show up for everyone—even if you’re not aware of them! But there’s more good news, because…

You Don’t Have to do it Alone

If you wanted to obtain a black belt in a martial art, you’d have to do two things:

  1. Learn the skills of your chosen craft; and
  2. Practice those skills until you reached your desired level of mastery.

Now, you could do these things by yourself if you wanted to, but you’d probably find it to be a struggle on your own. You could massively accelerate your progress simply by hiring someone who had more experience than you. While you’d end up paying some money for this service, the return on your investment would be huge:

  • You’d learn the necessary skills much more quickly than by fumbling around on your own.
  • You’d have the benefit of someone else’s extensive experience to guide you in going beyond your own limitations.
  • You’d be supported, inspired and encouraged every step of the way
  • You’d have much greater enjoyment of your whole mastery process.

Most people wouldn’t really think twice about hiring a trainer or coach to help them become masters of a martial art form. But “Life Mastery”? That’s different, right? Aren’t we supposed to figure out how to master life on our own?

I don’t think so!

The only difference between a “Martial Arts Ninja” and a “Life Master” is the kinds of skills you have to learn! And if you have someone to help you learn those skills and put them into masterful practice, then you can really accelerate your progress and magnify your life!

And that’s what I’m here for: to help you learn and master the skills so that you can become a

Master of Your Life.

I LOVE Helping People Flourish

Having gone through my own “dark night of the soul” and coming out the other side much stronger and wiser, I have learned many amazing things along the way.

Probably the most powerful thing I’ve learned is that whenever I was truly willing to do my own inner work, there was always someone (and often more than one person) available to provide the support and encouragement I needed.

This was very inspiring for me!

Soon enough, as I began emerging from my own darkness, I found myself wanting to give back. And I quickly discovered that I had an innate ability to facilitate other people’s inner work without letting any of my own stuff get in the way. People started responding to my offers of support and I soon came to understand that this was my true purpose in life!

In time, I managed to find a way to articulate my purpose as a kind of manifesto, which I wrote down and formalized in the image you see at right. Click on the image to see a larger version.

What My Clients Say

David has given me the wonderful gift of seeing how my past stories and labels have shaped who I have become today and how I can choose to change the way I view myself going forward. And this really helps me to realize my own magnificence and no longer be at the mercy of the negative images of my past. Thank you, David, for helping me to show up in the world as a loving, authentic, powerful woman!
Karima I.


David brings consummate skill to his coaching, including insight that comes from years of experience and training. He has the level of understanding that is required to really “get” what’s going on for the client and guide him/her to a place of understanding and healing. David gracefully and lovingly facilitates people to find their way out of their own confusion about why they are stuck or struggling, so that they get what they said they wanted to achieve. David will unhesitatingly stand in the fire with you so that you can get what you came for.
Dan C.

Mobile Software Developer

David has helped me increase my self-awareness and self-acceptance. With his help I’ve gained greater access to my own power and feelings, and this has led to a much better relationship with my wife. David models authenticity, strength and vulnerability. He brings important challenges with love, insight, and compassion, and at the same time, he encourages me to find the answers from within myself.
Stefan S.

Sr. Software Engineer

David is a very loving coach who always makes it safe enough for me to go as deeply as I need to go. He has helped me to get in touch with deep shadows that have held me back in a lot of ways in my life, and what I learned was that these shadows were actually trying to protect me and keep me safe. Thanks to the work I’ve done with David, these shadows have definitely released their grip on me, and I now find myself much more able to live my truth on a day-to-day basis.
Cheryl S.

Executive Assistant

What really sets David apart is his intuitive sense of how to apply his extensive facilitation skills to help me quickly get to the emotional root of whatever I’m working on. The results of my work with David have amazed me, and have helped me move past paralyzing deep-rooted fears into a place of motivated and enthusiastic empowerment. This has made a huge difference in the level of satisfaction and joy I experience in my life on a daily basis. Thank you, David!
John C.


Working with David McLeod, I received a glimmer of hope from the way he stood empowered in his body. I was deeply touched by David’s intuitive facilitative nature. He was connected to me and allowed me to go where I needed to take my growth work. He was able to safely and smoothly guide me through my processes to discover the nuggets of gold that were deep inside me all along.
Megan M.


The greatest gift I have received from my association with David has been “Authenticity”. David strives relentlessly to be authentic himself, and does his best to see the authentic person in everyone else. Working with David, I have been able to work steadily through my fears. David has encouraged me to take more responsibility and move away from co-dependent behavior, including blaming and shaming others. His quest for authenticity inspires me and pushes me in my quest for genuine connection in all my relationships.
Khalid K.

Product Manager

My coaching sessions with David have been refreshing and powerful: I have found inner resources I didn’t know I had, and opened to further possibilities for my own growth, and joy in life. David is able to meet me wherever I happen to be, with his compassionate presence and wide range of coaching skills. His energetic, passionate caring and confidence help draw me into the exploration, and awaken my own inner facilitator.
Jen C.

Movement Teacher/Feldenkrais Practitioner

What Do You Want in Your Life?

Remember those childhood dreams you used to have? Remember the feelings you had when you considered all the possibilities for your life? Well, right now, take a moment to reconnect to those dreams. Feel the burgeoning excitement and joy that coursed through you back then. Let that same energy flow through you right now as you reconnect to the sense of unlimited possibilities in your life. Think about what you truly want for your life and for yourself. Give yourself permission to dream again—even for just a moment!

Just imagine what your life might be like if you could do some or all of the following:

Uncover, illuminate and master the ideal path to your most amazing, meaningful and joyful life.

Discover the one thing that you were meant to do in this life—and embrace it enthusiastically and fearlessly.

Develop unshakable confidence and poise in everything you feel, think, say and do.

Become the YOU you want others to admire.

Believe it or not, ALL of these things are available to you. In fact, they are your birthright…you DESERVE all of them! And all you really have to do is claim them for yourself. Once and for all! If you’d like to find out more about this, then take a moment to reserve a FREE “Design Your Ideal Life” Discovery Session with me right now! Don’t let this opportunity pass you by…

The Path You Choose

Your life is your own creation, and it will always be a reflection and expression of who you really are, deep down inside. My hope for you is that you will be able to look back on your life with joy and pride, and give yourself a big hug and a high five because of the way you chose to show up.

Remember, you can choose to live a life that was designed for you by others, or you can take life by the horns and shape it into something that represents the REAL you. It’s up to you.

Whatever you choose for yourself, I honor you for who you really are. And if you decide that you could use a little support in learning about Life Mastery, then know that I will be here to help. You can contact me anytime!

Meanwhile, may your life be fully blessed. Indeed, may your life become

A True Work of Art!

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