Servant Leadership


The best leaders are the ones who know how to serve. And servant leadership inspires both collaboration and transformation in …

Triggers to Stepping Stones

Soul Empowerment Episode # 19

Triggers are the result of stories, beliefs, or learned behaviors. Embrace and understand them, and they will be stepping stones …

WU Guide to Complete Self-Care, Vol 3


Book 3 in the Wellness Universe series is now published and moving up the Amazon Best-Seller charts. I did a …

A New Bridge

Soul Memo Episode # 10

Stuck in your comfort zone? Even if you build a new bridge into your Growth Zone, you may need to …

Garden in the Jungle

Soul Empowerment Episode # 18

We all experience ups and downs in life; pain is part of the recipe. Reconnect to compassion (the garden in …

Achievement Tools: Author Conversation Series


As part of the publication process for our book “The Wellness Universe Guide to Complete Self-Care, 25 Tools to Achieve …

Proactive Projection

Soul Memo Episode # 9

Everyone projects onto others, virtually all the time. We can use our awareness of projection proactively to increase our self-knowledge …

The Loving Light of Self-Accountability

Soul Empowerment Episode # 17

Self-accountability need not strike fear into your heart. On the contrary, it is a powerful tool for illuminating shadows and …

Authentic Power

Soul Memo Episode # 8

In essence, authentic power is love, fully expressed. You have access to this power in every moment. Find out how …

Self-Care True Stories Interview


I was interviewed by my good friend and colleague, Anna Pereira, for her series on Self-Care True Stories at the …

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