Feel to Heal (10 Apr 2024)

Soul Empowerment Episode #52 (Category: General)

Spiritual practices without emotional healing are little more than coping mechanisms. An authentic spiritual path means acknowledging what’s unwanted, taking …

What Hides Within (1 Apr 2024)

Soul Memo Episode #43 (Category: Shadow)

Let projection be your guide to embracing all that you are. Receive every projection experience as another opportunity to deepen …

Solving the Mystery of Love (13 Mar 2024)

Soul Empowerment Episode #51 (Category: General)

The mystery of love is a testament to the depth and richness of the human experience. It is a force …

Standard of Living (4 Mar 2024)

Soul Memo Episode #42 (Category: Relationship)

Our true standard of living is determined not by material possessions but by the quality of our relationships. We can …

Embracing Self-Love (14 Feb 2024)

Soul Empowerment Episode #50 (Category: Compassion)

As you navigate the sea of Valentine’s Day celebrations, remember that the most enduring and fulfilling love story begins with …

Worthiness or Entitlement? (5 Feb 2024)

Soul Memo Episode #41 (Category: Awareness)

People who translate worthiness into entitlement are doomed to disappointment. The Universe doesn’t owe anyone anything, and cannot be manipulated …

What’s Really Important? (10 Jan 2024)

Soul Empowerment Episode #49 (Category: Awareness)

In the exploration of what truly matters, the question “what’s really important?” is a profound catalyst for self-discovery. By transcending …

Adventurer Spirit (1 Jan 2024)

Soul Memo Episode #40 (Category: Flow)

By embracing and nurturing authentic curiosity, you can reconnect with the natural-born adventurer within you. When your approach is unencumbered …

Commitment Conundrum (13 Dec 2023)

Soul Empowerment Episode #48 (Category: Integrity)

Learn about the Commitment Conundrum and explore the discomfort that arises when initial enthusiasm wanes, and alignment with commitments falters. …

Resolving Internal Conflict (4 Dec 2023)

Soul Memo Episode #39 (Category: General)

Internal conflict arises in the space between what is and what you desire. When you address this conflict directly and …

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