Soul Memo Episodes

Worthiness or Entitlement? (5 Feb 2024)

Soul Memo Episode #41 (Category: Awareness)

People who translate worthiness into entitlement are doomed to disappointment. The Universe doesn’t owe anyone anything, and cannot be manipulated …

Adventurer Spirit (1 Jan 2024)

Soul Memo Episode #40 (Category: Flow)

By embracing and nurturing authentic curiosity, you can reconnect with the natural-born adventurer within you. When your approach is unencumbered …

Resolving Internal Conflict (4 Dec 2023)

Soul Memo Episode #39 (Category: General)

Internal conflict arises in the space between what is and what you desire. When you address this conflict directly and …

Doing VS Being (6 Nov 2023)

Soul Memo Episode #38 (Category: Identity)

It is said that we are ‘human beings,’ not ‘human doings.’ And yet we are creative beings above all. Therefore, …

Embracing Personal Power (2 Oct 2023)

Soul Memo Episode #37 (Category: Integrity)

Embracing personal power is a transformative choice that rescues us from the cycle of victimhood and empowers us to shape …

Follow Spirit (4 Sep 2023)

Soul Memo Episode #36 (Category: Flow)

Embracing the lead of your spirit opens the door to spontaneity, growth, creativity, and a deeper connection to your authentic …

Importance and Value (7 Aug 2023)

Soul Memo Episode #35 (Category: Relationship)

Every energy-form is an essential expression of All-That-Is. No energy-form holds greater importance or value than another, for each contributes …

The Source of All Knowledge (1 Jul 2023)

Soul Memo Episode #34 (Category: Awareness)

All “problems” are the result of ignorance. We have forgotten the truth of who we really are; remembering this truth …

The Thought Machine (1 Jun 2023)

Soul Memo Episode #33 (Category: Awareness)

Thoughts have a mind of their own. They come and go, willy-nilly, with nary a care in the world. But …

Authentic Self-Knowing (1 May 2023)

Soul Memo Episode #32 (Category: Identity)

We are all conditioned by the expectations of others, especially the adults and authorities in our lives. This conditioning holds …

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