Soul Memo Episodes

The Path of Humility (1 Nov 2022)

Soul Memo Episode #26 (Category: Shadow)

Being right may bring you temporary pleasure, but it won’t fulfill you in the long term. Walk the path of …

Returning to Flow (1 Oct 2022)

Soul Memo Episode #25 (Category: Flow)

To defuse your “monkey mind”, observe thoughts without attachment. They will move beyond your awareness, and you will find yourself …

Ready Enough (1 Sep 2022)

Soul Memo Episode #24 (Category: Shadow)

As you approach a deadline, do you experience concerns about whether your project is ready? Whether you are ready? Sometimes …

The Wisdom Within (1 Aug 2022)

Soul Memo Episode #23 (Category: Awareness)

Problems, challenges and difficulties can always find healing and resolution through the wisdom imparted to us from the Source of …

Endless Choices (1 Jul 2022)

Soul Memo Episode #22 (Category: Choice)

Every moment brings a new choice, and every choice creates a result. Take responsibility for every choice and all that …

Pain VS Suffering (1 Jun 2022)

Soul Memo Episode #21 (Category: Choice)

Pain is something you feel; suffering is the story loop your ego-mind wraps around it. Pain seems unavoidable; suffering is …

Perspective Shift (1 May 2022)

Soul Memo Episode #20 (Category: Awareness)

Often, a minor shift in perspective can have a major impact on how you engage with the world. Check out …

An Ideal World (1 Apr 2022)

Soul Memo Episode #19 (Category: Purpose)

A vision of an ideal world can inspire and motivate you to elevate your consciousness and life in greater alignment …

Surrender Without Capitulation (1 Mar 2022)

Soul Memo Episode #18 (Category: Acceptance)

Attachment and resistance are two sides of the same unpleasant energetic coin. To surrender without capitulation, learn to accept what …

The Value of Appreciation (1 Feb 2022)

Soul Memo Episode #17 (Category: Relationship)

Appreciation is far more powerful than you might imagine—so much so that it can even increase YOUR value! Find out …

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