Integrity: Navigate Your Life

Soul Empowerment Episode # 8

While a purpose helps you to know where to go, integrity is like a powerful internal GPS system that helps …

Find Your Purpose (without Losing Yourself)

Soul Empowerment Episode # 7

Few things in your life are more important than your purpose–why you are here and what you are here to …

Forgiveness from the Inside

Soul Empowerment Episode # 6

Forgiveness is a powerful tool for personal liberation from emotional pain. Take advantage of this amazing power and heal your …

The Repeated Question Game


The repeated question game is a powerful and entertaining two-person process for helping you to deepen your understanding of who …

Compassion in Chaos

Soul Empowerment Episode # 5

Compassion is a gift for yourself and the world. It can be challenging to practice compassion when life confusing or …

What Are You Choosing?

Soul Empowerment Episode # 4

We are presented with options in every single moment, and how we make our choice impacts our lives–and the lives …

Your True Essence

Soul Empowerment Episode # 3

There is really nothing more important than knowing the truth of who you are–that is, knowing your “True Essence”–it is …

Myths & Gifts of Acceptance

Soul Empowerment Episode # 2

Acceptance is a process by which you strip away all the stories and judgments of the ego-mind and get down …

The Aware Soul

Soul Empowerment Episode # 1

The inaugural episode of Soul Empowerment, in which we discuss what it means to be aware–from a soul perspective.

The OMnitude Parable


Everyone has a unique understanding of spirituality, and how it impacts our lives. This story provides a beautiful perspective that …

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