Authentic Power (2 May 2021)

Soul Memo Episode #8 (Category: Awareness)

In essence, authentic power is love, fully expressed. You have access to this power in every moment. Find out how …

Self-Care True Stories Interview (22 Apr 2021)

Article by David McLeod (Category: General)

I was interviewed by my good friend and colleague, Anna Pereira, for her series on Self-Care True Stories at the …

Celebrate! with Sara Jane and Friends (21 Apr 2021)

Article by David McLeod (Category: Relationship)

Celebrate! A wonderful panel discussion with Sara Jane and friends focusing on the idea of celebrating no matter what is …

Treasure in the Shadows (13 Apr 2021)

Soul Empowerment Episode #16 (Category: Shadow)

Shadows are parts of ourselves we hide because we believe they are bad or wrong. But there are “treasures” in …

Review Your Beliefs (5 Apr 2021)

Soul Memo Episode #7 (Category: Integrity)

Every belief by its very nature is a limiting belief. For this reason, it is a good practice to review …

WU Guide to Complete Self-Care, Vol 2 (12 Mar 2021)

Article by David McLeod (Category: General)

Book 2 in the Wellness Universe series is now published and moving up the Amazon Best-Seller charts. I did a …

Awaken Your Fearless Heart (9 Mar 2021)

Soul Empowerment Episode #15 (Category: Relationship)

Caring for others requires a balance of compassion and self-care, or we risk losing ourselves. Listen in and learn to …

Embrace Your Essence (5 Mar 2021)

Soul Memo Episode #6 (Category: Identity)

You are not what you think you are. Here’s a reminder to connect to the deeper truth of who you …

52 Weeks of Joy (28 Feb 2021)

Article by David McLeod (Category: Flow)

I was invited to write a blog post to support the publication of our book “The Wellness Universe Guide to …

The Myth of the Magic Bullet (9 Feb 2021)

Soul Empowerment Episode #14 (Category: Integrity)

Stop sacrificing personal power in order to heal and grow. The Magic Bullet you are looking for is actually right …

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