Stages of the Ego (4 Mar 2022)

Wake Up Call Episode #4 (Category: Awareness)

The stages of ego development are based upon spiritual knowledge and embodiment of Truth. Watch the video and learn about …

Surrender Without Capitulation (1 Mar 2022)

Soul Memo Episode #18 (Category: Acceptance)

Attachment and resistance are two sides of the same unpleasant energetic coin. To surrender without capitulation, learn to accept what …

The Path of “Recombobulation” (18 Feb 2022)

Wake Up Call Episode #3 (Category: Awareness)

If you’ve ever experienced what people call “discombobulation”, then you already know what this episode is about! Watch the video …

The True Cost of Safety (9 Feb 2022)

Soul Empowerment Episode #26 (Category: Choice)

What do we give up in our constant search for safety? What choices do we sacrifice? What happens to our …

The Value of Appreciation (1 Feb 2022)

Soul Memo Episode #17 (Category: Relationship)

Appreciation is far more powerful than you might imagine—so much so that it can even increase YOUR value! Find out …

What is Truth? (28 Jan 2022)

Wake Up Call Episode #2 (Category: Awareness)

In this episode, we look at the idea of Truth, from the perspective of the individual and from the perspective …

Who’s in Charge? (14 Jan 2022)

Wake Up Call Episode #1 (Category: Awareness)

The inaugural episode of a brand new program, with the purpose of helping people to expand consciousness for magnificent living.

Your Wonder FULL Life! (12 Jan 2022)

Soul Empowerment Episode #25 (Category: Flow)

Sometimes as we seek to improve ourselves, we need to pause and reflect on how amazing and wonderful we are …

WU Guide to Complete Self-Care, Vol 4 (11 Jan 2022)

Article by David McLeod (Category: General)

Book 4 in the Wellness Universe series is now published and moving up the Amazon Best-Seller charts. I did a …

The Gift in the Obstacle (1 Jan 2022)

Soul Memo Episode #16 (Category: Awareness)

Most people have the experience of finding an unexpected gift in most obstacles. Let’s talk about how to see the …

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