Soul Empowerment Episodes

When the Cookie Crumbles (13 Sep 2023)

Soul Empowerment Episode # 45 (Category: Choice)

Life is not always comfortable, but in hindsight, we often see that our most uncomfortable and challenging moments are also …

Discern, Determine, Decide (9 Aug 2023)

Soul Empowerment Episode # 44 (Category: Choice)

Ultimately, in the face of challenges, it’s our conscious choices that become our superpowers. They give us the courage to …

Sticks & Stones (12 Jul 2023)

Soul Empowerment Episode # 43 (Category: Choice)

Raise your consciousness and elevate your vibration. Then you will find yourself choosing words and intentions that are more closely …

Instant Gratitude (14 Jun 2023)

Soul Empowerment Episode # 42 (Category: Flow)

Instant gratification means to experience pleasure without delay. But sometimes the real satisfaction resides in the delay rather than the …

What Would Love Do Now? (10 May 2023)

Soul Empowerment Episode # 41 (Category: Choice)

Our heart is our connection to our Soul. It always speaks the Truth and will never misguide us. Feel the …

All in the Family (12 Apr 2023)

Soul Empowerment Episode # 40 (Category: Relationship)

Our family of origin influences our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and behaviors. Family dynamics offer us opportunities to grow and mature…or …

Opening the Kimono (8 Mar 2023)

Soul Empowerment Episode # 39 (Category: Identity)

Everyone has a story. Unfortunately, many people come to believe they “are” the story, and so they hold themselves back …

When Murphy’s Law Prevails (8 Feb 2023)

Soul Empowerment Episode # 38 (Category: Awareness)

Have you ever gone through a period of time—a day, a week, maybe even longer—when everything seemed to go totally …

Messages from Beyond (11 Jan 2023)

Soul Empowerment Episode # 37 (Category: General)

Everyone has access to Messages from Beyond, because we are always connected to the Source of all Wisdom and Truth. …

Holiday Storms in the Family? (14 Dec 2022)

Soul Empowerment Episode # 36 (Category: Relationship)

Holidays may feel like you are approaching a tidal wave in a row boat! But you can prepare yourself, and …

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